Our Programs


Our infant program is planned around security and trust through love, comfort, consistency and bundles of hugs. Our program is individualized to meet each child’s needs and planned activities help foster growth and development. Daily routines are a very important learning experience in the infants day.

Each caregiver develops a special bond with the children and becomes acutely aware of their signals and will meet their needs quickly. The program is designed to provide as much caregiver/child contact as possible. Infants are held during bottle feedings and we encourage independence by allowing infants to feed themselves when table food is introduced.

Mobile infants are allowed to move around the room freely and infants that are unable to move on their own are stimulated by changing their environment around them and/or their position. Our daycare is equipped with stimulating toys and special activities are planned for the infants daily experience.


By now your toddler is walking steadily and is ready to explore the world around them. This is an important year for your child in terms of expanding their language and developing a sense of self worth and independence. Our program will offer your child many opportunities to grow and develop social, cognitive and physical skills.

These skills are developed through singing, music, art, story time, and sensory activities. Routines are still a very important part of the toddler curriculum. Eating, diapering and dressing are important learning experiences. Physical contact and attention are a vital part of the toddlers day.


Your child will be attending Kindergarten in a short time so the focus for our preschoolers is to prepare them for such a big step. Bright Beginning Daycare provides preschoolers with experiences that allow the children to  be successful. They build self confidence by experiencing activities such as dramatic play, math & science, building blocks, manipulative, music & movement and creative art. Our program relies on flexibility, letting the children discover and explore our learning activities which help develop self esteem, decision-making abilities, and socialization skills.

Time is provided for the children to choose activities that have a special interest to them. Routine schedules are still an important part of learning at this age and will help foster self help skills.

An environment that encourages curiosity and offers challenges to stimulate development is the key ingredient to our program.

School Age

For school age kids we provide before and after school care. 

On the days the local schools are closed for school breaks your child can attend our daycare for the full day.  Our daycare has maps, globes, and computers to assist the children with homework assignments. 

During the summer months, children are taken on field trips.When not on a field trip, the children spend time engaging in creative activities at our daycare.