A Loving & Learning Environment
At Bright Beginning Daycare our focus is to provide a loving and learning environment for your children. We will provide enriching experiences to enhance their development. To enrich your child’s growth our daily activities may include: Music, Art, story time, free play, outside play, exercises and more.

We are a State and City licensed home daycare. We meet with safety, health and nutritional standards. We offer an age appropriate curriculum designed to meet each age group from 6 weeks to 12 years old. In our daycare your children will develop substantial gains in their learning and development and have the educational skills needed for a successful transition into kindergarten.

Our family home day care setting provide opportunities for several different age groups to be cared for at the same time. There are many benefits to this type of child care. Younger members observe, emulate and imitate a wide range of skills. Older children can offer leadership, tutoring experiences and may assume some of the responsibility for less mature and knowledgeable members. There are greater opportunities for children to develop friendships with others who match, compliment or supplement their own needs and styles. Children need a sense of community that includes people of all ages, interests and skills. This support enables them to grow into healthy, socially-skilled adults. They can learn empathy, patience and they develop a healthy self-esteem while helping others

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